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Glenn Frey and Eagles MP3 Ringtones
These are MP3 clips. Your phone has to be able to play those. You can download them to your phone a few different ways. You can use a data cable to transfer them if your phone allows; you can use BlueTooth if you have it; you can upload them to a ringtone server such as if your phone is able to access the internet. You can inquire with your cell phone provider for other ways. Remember that these are very small files, which affects quality. I can do requests as time allows; send requests to


Already Gone (Instrumental Intro) - 145 kb

Already Gone (Chorus) - 134 kb

Already Gone ("...We live our lives in chains...") - 131 kb

Chug All Night ("I believe we can chug all night...")- 124 kb

Chug All Night ("The band is loose...") - 90 kb

Good Day in Hell ("Truckin'...") - 133 kb

Good Day in Hell (Chorus) - 139 kb

Heartache Tonight (Instrumental Intro) -111 kb

Heartache Tonight ("Some people like to stay out late...") - 133 kb

Heartache Tonight (Chorus) - 132 kb

Heartache Tonight ("...Moon's shinin' bright...") - 140 kb

James Dean (Instrumental Intro) - 135 kb

James Dean ("...Too cool for school...") -147 kb

James Dean ("...Low-down rebel...") - 136 kb

Lyin' Eyes (Instrumental Intro) - 144 kb

New Kid in Town (Instrumental Intro) - 134 kb

New Kid in Town ("There's talk on the street...") -138 kb

New Kid in Town ("Johnny-Come-Lately...") - 143 kb

New Kid in Town (..."Hopeless romantics...") - 143 kb

No More Cloudy Days (Instrumental Intro) - 139 kb

No More Cloudy Days ("I know a place...") - 136 kb

No More Cloudy Days ("I believe in second chances...") -129 kb

Ol' 53 ("Well, my time went so quickly...") - 131 kb

Out of Control ("Saddle up again, I got me a friend...") - 77 kb

Out of Control ("If anybody's lookin' for trouble...") -128 kb

Outlaw Man ("I am an outlaw...") - 105 kb

Outlaw Man ("Woman, don't try to love me...") - 142 kb

Peaceful Easy Feeling (Instrumental Intro) - 141 kb

Peaceful Easy Feeling ("I like the way...") - 125 kb

Peaceful Easy Feeling (Chorus) - 148 kb

Take It Easy (Instrumental Intro) - 131 kb

Take It Easy (Chorus) - 139 kb

Tequila Sunrise (Instrumental Intro) - 138 kb

Tequila Sunrise ("...This old world still looks the same...") - 141 kb



Ain't It Love (Instrumental) - 136 kb

Ain't It Love (Chorus) - 135 kb

All Those Lies (Chorus) - 136 kb

The Allnighter ("He's so bad...") - 133 kb

The Allnighter ("He's the one, the one she calls...") - 95 kb

Before the Ship Goes Down (Instrumental) - 137 kb

Before the Ship Goes Down ("Love me one more time...") - 95 kb

Better in the USA (Instrumental) - 90 kb

Better in the USA (Chorus) - 147 kb

Big Life (Chorus) - 119 kb

Brave New World ("Don't worry, darlin'...") - 119 kb

Call on Me ("If you don't like what's going down...") - 142 kb

Call on Me ("If you need someone to talk to...") - 143 kb

Don't Give Up (Chorus) - 124 kb

Don't Give Up ("I think about you every night...") - 133 kb

Flip City (Chorus) - 100 kb

The Heat Is On (Instrumental Intro) - 90 kb

The Heat Is On (Chorus) - 128 kb

I Did It for Your Love ("I went the extra mile...") - 151 kb

I Found Somebody (Chorus) - 130 kb

I Found Somebody (Instrumental) - 133 kb

I Got Love (Chorus) - 137 kb

I Volunteer (" about your love affairs...") - 138 kb

I've Been Born Again (Chorus) - 127 kb

I've Got Mine (Instrumental) - 125 kb

It's Your Life (" what you've got to do...") - 133 kb

It's Your Life (Instrumental) - 110 kb

Let's Go Home ("It's just you and me...") - 144 kb

Livin' Right (Instrumental) - 116 kb

Livin' Right ("Feelin' good...") - 131 kb

Love in the 21st Century ("You can get it by mail...") - 133 kb

Love in the 21st Century (phone sex part) - 142 kb

Lover's Moon (Instrumental) - 119 kb

New Love (Instrumental) - 150 kb

New Love (Chorus) - 143 kb

The One You Love (Instrumental) - 146 kb

The One You Love ("...need a friend...") - 106 kb

The One You Love ("I heard you on the phone...") - 105 kb

The One You Love (Chorus) - 150 kb

Part of Me, Part of You (Chorus)- 136 kb

Partytown (Chorus) - 115 kb

Partytown (Instrumental) - 129 kb

River of Dreams (Instrumental Intro) - 128 kb

River of Dreams ("...People don't run out dreams...") - 147 kb

River of Dreams ("We'll have stars to wish on...") - 141 kb

Sea Cruise ("I got to get to movin'...") - 99 kb

Sea Cruise (Chorus) - 104 kb

Sexy Girl (Chorus) - 143 kb

Silent Spring (Instrumental) - 114 kb

Smuggler's Blues (Instrumental Intro) - 120 kb

Smuggler's Blues ("...Ultimate Enticement...") - 124 kb

Some Kind of Blue (Instrumental) - 149 kb

Some Kind of Blue (Chorus) - 148 kb

Soul Searchin' ("..time for every woman and every man..") - 143 kb

Strange Weather (Instrumental) - 139 kb

That Girl (Instrumental) - 102 kb

That Girl ("Now the raindrops are falling...") - 143 kb

That Girl ("I've been calling that girl...") - 150 kb

This Way to Happiness (Chorus) - 121 kb

True Love ("With you by my side...") - 143 kb

True Love (Instrumental) - 145 kb

Who's Been Sleepin' in My Bed (Chorus) - 147 kb

You Belong to the City (Instrumental Intro) - 143 kb

You Belong to the City (Chorus up to "neon lights") - 137 kb



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