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Feelin' Good, Gettin' Tight, Livin' Right
On fitness and health

"I don't want to harp on this, or sound like a zealot, but I just decided to take better care of myself and get into shape. I was in the hospital two years ago with an infection in the lower intestinal track that had everything to do with lifestyle. Not eating right. Not exercising. Smoking. Drinking. Snorting. You name it. [...] By starting to eat right, get on a schedule that didn't involve abuse, and work out, my record was better. I sang better. I wrote better. I discovered I could create all this joy without having it triggered by some substance I ingested to get me to do it. [...] I'm no saint... I didn't make a conscious decision to stop that and start this. It's more like I evolved into it. I like the way working out makes me feel. I tried to drink all night and work out the next day, but I threw up." (1988)

"I got sick. I was supposed to do a benefit concert with Henley, and I ended up in the hospital with diverticulitis. It's from burgers and beer and blow and broads -- all the bad stuff I'd been doing to myself. [I didn't] go through some big Betty Ford Clinic, give-up-everything-under-the-sun scene. I just adjusted my lifestyle. [...] [I can] do things I never thought I could do. I do 400 sit-ups at a time. Two years ago, I couldn't do 10 push-ups; now I'm ripping off sets of 100. [...] If I indulge too much, it shows in my workout the next day. And my trainer makes sure I feel it." (Detroit Free Press 1988)

"A lot of people who know me are laughing, but now I'm addicted to health." (MacLean's 1989)

"The first step to workin' out is showin' up." (Adweek 1989)

"A few of us had a lot of fun joking about the Glenn Frey Rock 'n' Roll Fitness Video. The first day you buy the clothes, check 'em out, see how they feel. [Laughs.] The second day you get in there with the equipment and wear the clothes, do a couple of sit-ups and have a cigarette, make a couple of phone calls. Call the studio and tell 'em you're gonna be late, you're training." (St. Petersburg Times 1991)

"The thing about fitness is not the one hour that you're spending in the gym each morning. It's the way it impacts the other 23. It just makes you feel great." (Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel 1991)

"It's improved my clarity... For me, my brain is like a motel room, and every night the maid comes and cleans everything up, so when you wake up in the morning there's no clutter." (Los Angeles Times 1992)

"When you're young and you party, you bounce back. As you get older, you just kind of lay there." (Arsenio Hall Interview 1993)

"Too much of anything will kill you - including heath shakes." (San Diego 1992)


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