One Planet One Groove - Max Carl and Big Dance

One Planet, One Groove - Max Carl and Big Dance (1998)
Glenn Frey: co-producer of album; guitar, keyboards, and group vocals; other contributions as noted

Everything Old Is New Again

One More River
GF: co-writer

A Childhood Memory of Mississippi

Hold on to Your Woman
GF: co-writer


South from Savannah
GF: co-writer

I Qualify
GF: co-writer

Baby's Got T' Have It
GF: co-writer; slide guitar

Show Me the Money
GF: co-writer, lead vocals

Mr. Lucky
GF: co-writer

The Bridge to Helena, Arkansas

If You Stay

Baby, Now That I've Found You

Rollin' & Tumblin'

Land of a Thousand Dances

You Ain't Got T' Go Home, but You Gotta Leave Here


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