Expedition Earth Screen Captures
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Introducing Glenn

A world-record holder of another kind.

"What do I do - hold on?"

Listening to instructions.

The First Trip: Granite Canyon

"It's like skiing."

"Lean into it."

Mike: "Glenn is our lead paddler."

Mike: "HARD forward!!"

Mike: "Paddle like there's no tomorrow!"

Mike: "Paddle like you're gonna die!"

Off they go!

Glenn surges through the water.

Terrific job!

Everyone says Glenn did well.

Contemplation of Man in the Universe

"60 million years in geological time is not very much!"

Not compared to the rock, which is 1.8 BILLION years old.

Riding the Bucking Bronco Oar Boat

The John Wayne Impression


Contemplating Conservation

The "stone cathedral."

"This is one of the seven wonders of the world."

"If we, as Americans, can't protect this, what can we protect?"

"We need to raise a generation of environmentally-conscious children."

"Environmentalism should be taught like math and reading."

In the Double Kayak on the Little Colorado

Learning the moves.

Starting out slow.

Getting the hang of it.

Going for it!

You go, Glenn!

Campfire Stories

"You ever gone down Lava, Woody?"

Rafting Down Lava Falls

Looking a little nervous.

Good luck everybody!

Getting going...

Full speed ahead!

Thrusting through the "drowning machine."

A wild ride!

Water everywhere!

Glenn pushes through it!

Their raft crippled, they still make it to shore.

"Were we lucky to make it over here?"

"Who cares about the boat, we're all alive!"

Final Thoughts Courtesy of Edward Abbey

"The Canyon endures."

"It will outlive 'em all."


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