Let's Get Harry Screen Captures
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In Aurora, Illinois

Spence - Just a workin' man.

Waiting for Pachowski to get beer

"6 months in Colombia sure is a nice vacation."

"He was working? Yeah, working on his tan!"

The bad news: Harry's been kidnapped.

After Corey suggests the rescue

"I'll give you Superman's number."

Pachowski: "We should go."

Corey: "Do you want to just leave him there?"

Finding a mercenary

"Who's first?"

"That one is a nutcase."

"This one's even worse."

"This is never gonna work."

"Habla usted Español, Señor Shrike?"

"Er... hable despachio, por favor..."

Shrike: "I've got a Medal of Honor."

Making the final decision

"Are you guys really serious?"

"I'll go if Kurt goes."

"OK, Kurt's going, what about money?"

At Jack's Office Asking for Money

"Did you mount all these yourself?"

Jack: "Sure did! Cost $1500 a head!"

"Just how much do you spend on hunting?"

Yep, it worked. Jack signs up!

On the way to Colombia

"Man, would you look at all that blow?!"

Snoozing in the drug plane.

In Colombia

Chased by the police!

The gun is pointed right at them - but not fired.

At the hotel

Shrike: "Never open the door unless you know who's on the other side!"

Lesson learned.

Put in Mexican jail by corrupt captain
All wet.

Shrike's been tortured.

"Are we getting taken to a firing squad?"



Marched to a plane.

They jump out on Shrike's cue.

Back in the Colombian jungle

"Hey, coke keeps me alert!"

At the contact's shack.

Just a woman there? Suspicious.

Is this a trap?

AMBUSH! Spence fires!

"We got 'em! Whoop!"

But there was a casualty... Norm.


Most of us are sad.

"I told you this would never work."

To fisherman: "We're Canadian."

On the way to the dealer's compound
On the river.

Girl: "From here we go on foot."


"What the hell was that?!"

Girl: "Just a monkey."

Making a plan

"FIFTY guards?!"

Corey: "You rig the lab to blow..."

Corey: "Create a distraction."

Jack: "Who's gonna cover the rear?"

The rescue

Sneaking up to the lab.

Under the floorboards.

Writhing into position.

After killing the guard.

Watching out for others.

Sneaking into the lab itself.

Safely inside.

Gazing sadly upon the bags of coke he's going to blow up.


Leaking gasoline...

A strategically placed cigarette...

Uh-oh - gunfire! "So much for Plan A."

Returning fire

Watching the place blow sky-high.

Spence fires the final shot...

...and the gasoline-drenched pier goes up in flames.

Back in Aurora at Harry's party

All is well.

Kurt gets a reassuring hug.


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