Miami Vice
Episode 1.15 "Smuggler's Blues" (Feb. 1, 1985)

Also released on Season 1 DVD (2005)

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Role: Jimmy Cole

Plot Summary : Crockett and Tubbs have a smuggler under surveillance, and watch as he, his wife, and his children's boat gets blown apart - with all of them in it. The smuggler is paralyzed from the waist down. Crockett is enraged by cops who chalk it up to "the politics of contraband" (yeah, they used Glenn's line). "The politics of contraband does not include the killing of children!" Crockett cries.

The DEA asks Crockett and Tubbs to investigate not just this kidnapping / murder, but also a string of murders of smugglers and their families - they suspect by someone connected to law enforcement, because all of these men were under surveillance when murdered. The DEA sends them to Cartagena so they can pose as smugglers and be bait for the murderer.

And who do they choose to fly them there? Jimmy Cole.

Role Description: Jimmy Cole is a pilot who is willing to fly people around "no questions asked," but who isn't into violence. He lives in a broken-down hanger, but it has great acoustics for the guitar-playing he does in his spare time (that's what he's doing when Crockett and Tubbs arrive). He flies them to Colombia for $25,000. He also makes arrangements for their accommodations when they're there, overlooking the druglord's favorite hangout.

Unfortunately, cops chase Crockett and Tubbs after they try to negotiate with the druglord. Jimmy and Crockett get away, but Tubbs gets caught. Jimmy pulls a gun on Crockett to force him to leave Tubbs behind, and Crockett does so, but resents Jimmy afterwards and throws him against a wall. "Don't you ever pull a gun on me again, pal. EVER!!!" Jimmy's response is sympathetic, but he tells it to him plain - he should expect stuff like this to happen - "It's the nature of the business." He compares it to combat. Crockett asks him if he was in 'Nam, and he says yes. He had to leave friends behind, too. "So many I lost count." Crockett understands, but insists he's waiting for Tubbs. Jimmy nods - he understands, too.

But all goes well - Tubbs is released by the corrupt cops, he and Crockett make the deal, they make the trade. Of course, at the last minute, the bad guys chase 'em down the runway but they get away just in time!

After Jimmy gets Crockett and Tubbs out of Colombia, they drop the coke from the plane and then head on in - but they're being watched. Turns out Jimmy's mechanic - the one they thought was so stupid - is a crook himself! He and his cohort stop Crockett and Tubbs after they pick up the drop, but Jimmy drives up and demands that his mechanic let them go - and he gets shot in the process! He's hurt, but he tells Crockett he's ok. That's the last we see of him.

Tying up the episode, Crockett and Tubbs use Jimmy's mechanic to trap the guy doing all the killing. He's got the woman posing as Tubbs' wife. She's been rigged to explode when untied - that's what had happened to the smuggler and his wife at the beginning. After some tense moments, they get her out successfully, just in time. Tubbs winds up shooting the would-be killer. His name: homicide lieutenant Jones. Why did he do it? "M-O-N-E-Y" says Tubbs, as "Smugger's Blues" plays in the background."It's the lure of easy money - it's got a very strong appeal."


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