Sexy Girl (1984)
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"Plot" Summary : This is a pretty straightforward, light-hearted video. Glenn's neighbor is a "very sexy girl," just like in the song. He spots her for the first time getting his mail and can't take his eyes off of her. He's not alone. Every guy on the street, from the fat old guy a couple houses down to the young teenagers across the road to the house painter, all drop whatever they're doing to stare at Sexy Girl whenever she walks by. She causes bike accidents, minor car accidents, and other mishaps as men lose motor and mental control when they see her run down the road in her cute little jogging shorts or working out on her lawn.

Glenn is just as bad as any of them. At night, he peers out his window hoping to see inside her bedroom, and strains to catch glimpses of her slipping off her pantyhose. During the day, he sits at his piano and daydreams of romantic walks down the beach with Sexy Girl.

One day, he thinks he finally might get a chance with her. They pass on the street and a roll of paper towels falls off of her loaded grocery bag. Glenn sees the towels fall and makes a dive for them just as she reaches down herself to get them. Their hands meet, and a long look is exchanged. Is it love?

Glenn thinks so. He's totally jazzed, sure that the "special moment" shared over the paper towels has given him an "in" with Sexy Girl. He gets in a snappy looking suit and puts on some super-80s-cool sunglasses. He grabs a couple of glasses, a bottle of champagne, and a bouquet, and almost skips next door to the house of Sexy Girl. He rings the doorbell, confident and eager. It's opened by Sexy Girl.... and her big, buff boyfriend. Glenn takes one look at Mr. Sexy Girl and decides that this is not a guy he wants to mess with. He hastily hands over the champagne, flowers, and glasses, and the video closes out on him stammering, "Well... I'll just be going now!"


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