"Smuggler's Blues" Screen Captures

Glenn and his friend right before the drug deal.

His friend's not worried, despite Glenn's instinctive misgivings.

"OK. Go get 'em."

Children playing in the streets nearby.

A gunshot!


The bad guy.

His friend's been hit...

...and killed.

There's no time for grief as Glenn makes his escape.

Glenn escapes by running to the roof.

"Baby, here's your ticket."

"You be cool for 20 hours..."

"...and I'll pay you 20 grand."

"I'm sorry it went down like this, but someone had to lose."

"It's the nature of the business..."

"It's the smuggler's blues."

But the bad guy's found them. He's in the lobby.

Glenn punches the "down" button on the elevator...

... and he's going up the elevator.

Glenn waits...

There's no one in the elevator.

Oblivious to any danger, he gets in one elevator...

...and our bad guy comes out of the other seconds later, just missing him.

In a bathroom stall in some dump, Glenn starts to transform himself.

He shaves, changes, slicks back his hair....

...and emerges a new man.

Meanwhile, the bad guy has found nothing in Glenn's old hotel room.

It's off to Miami...

...as if nothing ever happened.

The girl also tries to fly home, and seems to get through customs.

But she gets followed and busted!

Glenn, unaware, drives back home.

Glenn sees them coming.

He's been busted, too.

They start the interrogation.

She's getting interrogated, too.

They're wearing Glenn down.

"They move it through, Miami, sell it in L.A....."

"They hide it up in Telluride - I mean, it's here to stay."

"You ask any DEA man, he'll say there's nothing he can do."

The girl's cracking.

Glenn is exhausted, but he still hasn't incriminated himself.

"It's the politics of contraband."

She's on her way to jail.

They search Glenn's trash, but can't find anything.

Cop: "We got garbage."

Glenn's been released - he's gotten away with it! Or has he?

Glenn's pulled over by a "policeman."

Glenn pulls out his driver's license and turns to give it to him...

It's the bad guy!

Fear springs into his eyes but there's nowhere to go...

The gun's pointed right at his head.

No happy ending for the smuggler, who dies a bloody death.


Solo Filmography :: Smuggler's Blues