Some Kind of Blue (1988)
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"Plot" Summary : A very simple but elegant video. It would probably be boring if Glenn didn't look so magnificent in it. The lighting, the traditional suit and tie, one of his best hair days ever... not many men could pull off a video that largely consists of facial close-ups but he does. The video is pretty much footage of a sad Glenn in dark room which is bare except for the stool on which he sits and the three backup singers to his thoughts sharing a stand-alone microphone a few feet away (one of which is Timothy B. Schmit). That's intercut with footage of his wife also looking sad, or 8 mm memories of his wife in the style of Soul Searchin'. Both seem very love-lorn - from the attitudes and the lyrics, it seems divorce court is on the horizon.

The video is much darker than Soul Searchin' because the marriage seems to be over, although they both look so mournful you have hope that maybe they'll see the light and get back together. There is no motion or changes of scene in the video, other than what's in the 8mm, and Glenn is not in those. All the footage of him is just alone in that room, strumming a guitar, looking anguished. As I said before, the footage is mostly close-up, and he really pulls off the facial expression of a man in emotional pain well. Of course, he's been doing that kind of look in videos since The One You Love, so I guess by now he has it down.


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