South of Sunset (1993)
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Role: Cody McMahon

Role Description: Cody McMahon is an easy-going guy with a good heart who is a private eye in LA. He used to be the chief of security for a Hollywood studio, but got fired for busting a corrupt but powerful producer. Now, he's in business for himself. His office, Beverly Hills Detective Agency, is located south of Sunset Boulevard. Way south. It's a running joke of the short-lived series that while Cody's office is technically in Beverly Hills - "it's right on the town line" - it's not exactly high-end! In fact, his business isn't exactly flourishing. He's living from job to job (although somehow, for reasons I'm not quite clear on, he is able to afford to live in a hotel and wear super-snappy clothes - lookin' good, my man!) Despite financial struggles, he puts principle above profit: he won't take jobs he finds ethically questionable and he won't charge more than a client can afford if he feels the cause is just. In fact, sometimes he offers his services for free. (Now it starts to become clear why he isn't flourishing!) He's good at what he does and is dedicated. Once he takes a case, his client can rest assured Cody will not stop until it is solved - and he's willing to do anything it takes, including putting his life in danger. He also has a wry sense of humor and is quick to crack jokes. This makes him get along great with his rescued street guy and newfound "associate" Ziggy Duane, who has a really smart mouth himself! They're quite the odd couple - mellow but well-grounded white guy in his 40s and hyper oversexed black homeboy in his 20s. His other employee is Gina Weston, a cute blond in her 20s who is working for him until she can break into the acting business.

Note: Unfortunately, only the pilot episode of this series was shown on CBS before it got the ax (went up against Home Improvement and suffered for it Hmmph, I never liked that show anyway). VH1 showed five of the episodes on their "Eagles Family Tree Weekend" around 1995. As far as I know, episodes 6 and 7 have never aired.

Episode 1: "Satyricon"

Episode 2: "Dream Girl"

Episode 3: "Custody"

Episode 4: "Family Affair"

Episode 5: "Newspaper Boy"

Episode 6: "Remember Me"

Episode 7: "Chalk Lines"


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