You Belong to the City (1985)
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"Plot" Summary : Unlike The Heat Is On, this video only has subtle references to the soundtrack it's on (Miami Vice) and instead focuses on setting a mood - the unrelenting pace of the city and the restlessness of those who "belong" to it.

It starts with Glenn sitting alone in his dump of an apartment as the night begins. Restless, he decides to get out, not quite sure where he's going. He starts walking the streets past all the varieties of nightlife - people everywhere, hurrying, pushing, shoving, buying, selling, talking, drinking, smoking, playing - everyone's doing something. The sense of motion in this video is constant and part of the theme - the city never sleeps. Glenn's part of it while remaining detached - he barely looks to the right or the left. Just like everyone else, he's on the move, even if he seems to have no destination. It seems that just being out among the nightlife is what he's looking for - among people like him who "belong to the city." Even the chain-smoking seems symbolic of his need to get out in the nightlife, to immerse himself in a city hopped up like it's on nicotine. It's the call he feels "starting all over again" every time the sun goes down.The only references we see to Miami Vice occur when he happens to pass a TV every now and then in a store window or a bar - Miami Vice is always playing.

On the other side of town in a high-class condo, a woman is also bored and restless (despite the fact that she, too, has the TV turned to Miami Vice). Like Glenn, she decides to go out, but instead of walking, takes a cab. This cab almost runs over Glenn as he's crossing the street. He yells at the driver, throwing his cigarette at the windshield. The woman watches him from the cab, liking what she sees. As he finally gets out of the way of the cab, he sees her staring at him, and meets her eyes as the cab pulls away.

Glenn goes back to walking and finally winds up at a bar. The woman also happens to be there. As soon as he comes in, she sees him and gives him a hungry look. Again, his eyes meet hers, but instead of walking over to her, he goes to the other end of the bar. They continue to watch each other, she looking at him invitingly, he returning her gaze almost warily. Another guy goes up to the woman but she's not interested and brushes him off as Glenn watches to see if he needs to step in. The lady can handle herself, however. After she gets rid of the guy, she gives Glenn another meaningful gaze, pretty much broadcasting, "I don't want him - I want YOU. NOW." Glenn pauses, then throws back the rest of his drink and gets up. Instead of going over to her, though, he goes to leave the bar. Maybe he doesn't like her attitude - she seems to be a "spoiled rich girl" who thinks that all she has to do is snap her fingers and Glenn will come running.

But this is a woman who knows what she wants, and she's not letting a handsome, sexy man like Glenn get away. She follows him outside and hurries to catch him, grabbing his wrist as he attempts to call a cab. Startled, he turns to her, and she puts the moves on him hard-core. She doesn't even know him, but she gets up against him, caressing his shoulders and back, whispering a seductive invitation. It works. He walks with her back to her condo, and as they walk, they do seem to be having an interesting conversation and enjoying each other's company. New romance?

Apparently not. The next morning, Glenn leaves the condo without looking back. He's had a night of fun with the uptown girl, but now it's time to go back to his place in the heart of the city, where he belongs.


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