Glenn Frey - This Bright and Darkened Land Soundtrack Lyrics

This Bright and Darkened Land Soundtrack
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The Eagles showed an approximately 20 minute film during their Milennium Concerts that was scored by Glenn Frey and Jay Oliver. The download is from Glenn's Royal Oak concert later that year. You can find information on each song segment here. The segments with lyrics are below, both written and sung by Glenn Frey:

Fare Thee Well, My Brother

When the sun came up on a cloudy morn
In June of '44
We had crossed the channel through the night
On France's western shore

Fare thee well to you, my brother
Fare thee well to you, my friend
We will toast to one another
When we meet at battle's end
Fare thee well to you, my brother
May you make it safely home
May the grace of God be with you
May you never walk alone

I'm on a Roll*

Well, I'm getting on the road, Route 21
I'm keeping my time by the setting sun
Meetin' my baby on a Saturday night
She's a cute little girl, I wanna hold her tight
Stealing little kisses on a midnight stroll
I'm on a roll

I have my radio blastin' and I'm playing the blues
Rockin' and rollin' in my blue suede shoes
I have this little step I wanna show my girl
I'm the luckiest guy in the whole wide world
Got this feeling here inside of me, in my soul
I'm on a roll
I'm on a roll

*I'm guessing at the lyrics because I can't hear this very well, especially the first couple of lines.



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