Manhattan Beach, Minnesota
June 14, 2008

Notes: $2.50 of each ticket went to benefit "Music Matters," which gives money to school music programs in the area. The event was organized by Manhattan Beach Lodge owner Rick Born, who has hired Glenn in the past for events and is friends with him; the event took place on the Manhattan Beach Lodge's land. A small disparity: the locale is listed on advertisements and Mapquest as Crosslake, Minnesota, but a few locals have sworn the venue is in Manhattan Beach, Minnesota as the lodge's name implies. I compromised by listing one on the table and one here on the main page.

Attendees also got to hear several songs sung by Glenn's 15-year-old son Deacon (the same songs he did at the Roxy), and even Glenn's youngest son Otis (6) got in on the action by banging a tambourine during the final encore.


Peaceful Easy Feeling
Lyin' Eyes
Some Kind of Blue
The One You Love
Tequila Sunrise
No More Cloudy Days
Take It to the Limit
I'll Come Runnin' Back to You
You Belong to the City
Smuggler's Blues
Who's Been Sleepin' in My Bed
The Heat Is On
Get Over It (Deacon)
Heartache Tonight
Hotel California (Deacon)
Take It Easy
I Hear You Knockin' (Deacon)

The Band:

Bass: Jonathan Clark
Drums: Scott Crago
Guitar: Danny Grenier
Guitar: Deacon Frey
Keyboards: Will Hollis
Keyboards: Michael Thompson
Saxophone, Violin, Percussion: Al Garth



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Note: With the exception of the first photo which I took, and the second photo from the Pine and Lakes review, the photos are all from the Brainerd Dispatch.




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