Glenn Frey Quotes

Quotable Frey
Some memorable lines, grouped by topic

Take a Look Inside
On life

I Will Sing You Far Away
On music, songwriting, performing, and the business

For the Sake of the Song
On individual songs

True Love Right from the Start
On the early days in Detroit and in California, pre-Eagles

Hello, We're the Eagles from Los Angeles
On the band and its members

The Once and Future Eagle
On forming / remaining / breaking up / reuniting with the Eagles

I Want to Make the World a Better Place
On his charity work and societal improvement

My Own Business
On selling music to corporations and on self-righteous rock stars

Women on My Mind
On the opposite sex

Let's Go Home
On family life

Pretending That You're Somebody Else
On acting

Feelin' Good, Gettin' Tight, Livin' Right
On fitness and health

They Move It Through Miami, Sell It in L.A.
On drug use

Sock Hop, Soda Pop, Basketball and Auto Shop
Miscellaneous items

Stand Up Frey
Glenn the comedian