Episode 7.7 "It's All in the Game" (Aug. 4, 2002)

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Role: Ken Wynn

Plot Summary: Arliss, a sports manager, has bought some land hoping that his politician friend Ken Wynn can help him put a prison on it and make it rocket up in value. Additionally, he hopes to get his clients to endorse the product "Wonderpants" - it's like a Wonderbra, only it enhances male "assets." Understandably, no client is eager to volunteer. Meanwhile, Arliss' wimpy assistant turns out to have diabetes.

Part Description: Ken Wynn is an ex-football player turned state representative. He's decided to make a run for governor. Before he retires from the house, Arliss asks him to make the prison deal. In return, he'll help him get funding from his other clients to finance his gubernatorial campaign. Ken seems like a great guy. When he announces his retirement from the house, he gives a rousing speech about how much work needs to be done, especially in terms of education and gun control. However, we discover later than Ken is determining his choices by what the polls say is popular, however reluctantly. Indeed, he's not a bad guy. He cares about the "little people," treating even the servants of his chief financial backer, Eli, with respect. The only problem is that since he's a "slave to the polls" he's become a hypocrite. He argues passionately about gun control one minute, then shows Arliss his collection of guns the next.

Arliss is able to collect many of his richest clients to attend Ken's funding party. With Arliss' endorsement, Ken is able to charm them into giving him more money than even he anticipated with the promise of working to abolish the income tax. After the evening is over, however, Ken has some bad news for Arliss. The polls show the voters are against the building of the prison. Therefore, he's not going to be able to support it after all. Arliss gets enraged, but before he can truly react, he gets accidentally shot by the assistant who'd been playing with Ken's gun collection.

Arliss was only shot in the leg, so that's not a problem. In fact, it turns out to work to his advantage. Ken is very concerned he'll be revealed as a hypocrite if word gets out that it was his gun that shot Arliss. He tells Arliss he's willing to do just about anything if he'll say that it was his gun and not Ken's.

The wheels turn in Arliss' head, and he manages to solve all his problems! Ken is enlisted as the Wonderpants spokesperson, and the manufacturing company builds its headquarters on the land Arliss has purchased.

We last see Ken in his commercial, as the strains of "True Love" play in the background: "Hello. I'm Ken Wynn, former All-American, former All-Pro, and former State Assembly, so I know what it takes to break down the competition. That's why I'm suiting up in Wonderpants. [looks at beautiful women surrounding him] Beats the hell out of dodging tackles and kissing babies! [Announcer: WONDERPANTS!] Project the power."


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