Glenn Frey - Partytown Lyrics

written: G. Frey and J. Tempchin
lead guitar and piano: G. Frey
Download live audio medley with I Saw Her Standing There from Tokyo 1992

I got sick of my job, sick of my wife
Sick of my future and sick of my life
I packed up my car and I got some gas
And told everybody they could kiss my ass

I'm goin' to Partytown (Yeah, yeah)
I wanna Partydown (Yeah, yeah)
I wanna have some fun
I wanna fool around
I'm goin' to Partytown

The sun comes up, the sun goes down
It doesn't really matter in Partytown
They go all day and they go all night
They keep on goin' 'til they get it right

Right here in Partytown (Yeah, yeah)
They really party down (Yeah, yeah)
Man, it's a party town (Yeah, yeah)
You know they all got their own
And they pass it all around

Well, I'm burnin' like a blowtorch in my prime
Everybody here is a friend of mine
I met a little girl a couple shooters ago
She's teachin' me everything I don't know

About Partytown (Yeah, yeah)
They really party down (Yeah, yeah)
You know they love to ball
They do it in the hall
Right here in Partytown

Partytown (Yeah, yeah)
Partytown (Yeah, yeah)
Partytown (Yeah, yeah)
Partytown (Yeah, yeah)
Oh, partytown

We're so cool
You got any? - Yeah
Meet you in the john
Woo hoo hoo
I sure feel good
Some party!

Can you say... monster?


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