I Found Somebody (1982)
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"Plot" Summary : In this video, Glenn is wearing pretty much the same clothes as you see him in on the front cover of No Fun Aloud (in addition to the low-quality screen captures, you can see photos from the video here and here). It's pretty straightforward. Glenn is playing a less famous version of himself - it's kind of an alternate reality where Glenn Frey is able to play bars without fans running up to him asking for autographs or wanting their picture taken with him. Here, he's giving a sold-out performance at a club, but he's lonely. As the song says, he'd just turned his back on a sad love affair, was trying to leave it all behind.

Intercut with footage of him playing at the front of the club, we see Glenn sitting at the bar, by himself... until he sees a cute blonde girl sitting just a couple bar stools down. One look in her eyes, and he says, "Here I go!" Smooth and charming, he puts the moves on her. "Hi, I'm Glenn Frey. Nice to meet you," we see him say. Before long, he's got her laughing and smiling. His first attempt to lip-lock is rebuffed - we don't want anyone to think Glenn's girl is easy! - but by the end of the video, it's make-out time. Score! The two leave together. Glenn can't resist giving a passing girl an appreciative once-over, but after a scolding look from the new lady, he obediently turns away and lets her lead him by the hand to the door. The video ends with Glenn slinging his arm around his girl's neck while she twines her arm around his waist, causing that suit jacket to hike up. (I think she knew what she was doing.) We can assume that our non-rock-star version of Glenn Frey has found somebody to love him in the midnight hour.


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