"I Found Somebody" Screen Captures

Glenn Frey - Tonight Only - Sold Out!

Alone at the bar.

"I just turned my back on a sad love affair..."

Performing onstage.

In front of all the club-goers and barflies.

Hey! A hottie!

"Here I go..."

Oh, she's hot alright.

Well, HELLO!

"I'm Glenn Frey."

Glenn turns on the charm.

Cute and flirty.

Making a move.

DENIED! For now...

"Put my arms around ya..."

Putting his heart into it.

He's kissing her hand! Who can resist that?

"I found somebody!"

She succumbs to his charms. The man is irresistible.

Check please!

Glenn's new girl eagerly pulls him towards the door. He's been 100% successful.

Oh, man. He's looking the other way already! Just lost 10 irresistibility points.

Um, I don't THINK so, Sugar.

Yes ma'am! - There's a good Glenn. Points restored.

Yeah, baby! "I found somebody to love!"


Solo Filmography :: I Found Somebody