Livin' Right (1988)
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"Plot" Summary : As most fans know, Glenn got on a big fitness kick in the late 80s. This video is a comical look at that. It starts with Glenn lying around, hung over, surrounded by empty bottles and bags of junk food, watching a guy on TV exercising. He decides he needs to get in shape and gives the guy's 800-number a call. Before he can say "I want to start tomorrow" the guy is at his place, picks him up, slings him over his shoulder, and takes him to the gym.

The rest of the video is a series of comic vignettes as Glenn goes from bumbling, out-of-shape loser to hard-bodied hotshot. We see him get treated to a cold shower, feel inadequate next to extremely limber and/or disturbingly buff women, fight for junk food, get creamed on the basketball court, get passed by old women and kids on the track, hide in a locker to eat french fries, and get accidentally clobbered by fellow aerobic dancers because he keeps turning the wrong way or getting in their path.

He winds up on the floor and passes out, having a nightmare in which the aerobic dancers are evil vixen, torturing him by dancing all around him seductively and teasing him while he watches helplessly. He wakes to find all the women staring down at him - more humiliation. But the turning point doesn't occur until he's trying to lift a barbell and struggling, then sees an old man do it easily. That does it! The magic "motivation" switch has been flipped. For the rest of the video, all the "before" vignettes are now answered with the "after" version - he can make the baskets, pass others on the court, boogie down with the aerobic dancers, etc. The video ends with a happy new Glenn! Side note: Cindy Frey is in this video (although at that time she was still a single gal). She's one of the dancers.


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