"Livin' Right" Screen Captures

Glenn's place is trashed after another party.

Glenn is trashed, too!

"I gotta get in shape."

Calling the fitness guru.

There he is!

He busts in Glenn's door.

"I didn't want to start today..."

Too late - off to the gym!

Getting carried into the gym.

Getting carried through the gym.

One of the dancers. I think it might be Cindy but I'm not sure. Click to compare.

Getting dumped into the shower.

That'll wake you up!

Glenn can't touch his toes.

Glenn is intimidated by overly-buff woman.

He's too exhausted to even lift his head to drink!

Aches and pains.

Gasping for breath after a run.

Desperate for yummy junk food.

He finds cookies... but they are snatched away by a mystery hand!

Not without a fight, though!

He loses at basketball too.

He does work the Miami Heat top though!

Sneaking fries in the locker.

The aerobic dancers.

Glenn is lost in a blur of lycra.

He collapses to the ground.

Nightmare where dancers become dominatrix-types.

Teased mercilessly.

Glenn is revived.


Glenn is dismayed when he's shown up by an old guy nearby.

It's a breeze for this old man!

If that old guy can do it...

...then I can too!

Glenn does it! He's turned the corner!


Glenn rocks the machines.

Fitness is fun!

Look at all the crunches Glenn can do!

Oh yeah. He means business.

Determined to be buff.

In case you forgot this was a music video and not a commercial for a gym.

"Livin' right."

See Glenn run fast and even pass old ladies!

See Glenn walk fast on a treadmill.

See the white man jump.

Do you love me now that I can aerobic dance?

Watch me now - hey!


Solo Filmography :: Livin' Right