"River of Dreams" Screen Captures
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The fantasy of the country

Cindy on a swing.

Reality - back in the apartment.

A sleepless night.

He's got so much on his mind.

Unable to sleep, he paces the apartment.

Lighting up a candle.

A big sign in the city.

Looking out the apartment window.

The view from the apartment sucks.

He continues to look out the blinds.

"Wake up, Linda."

"Linda"/Cindy waking up.


What do you mean, we should get directions? Ha! Put that map away! I've got it all under control, honey! (Webmistress' guess as to how they wound up on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere.)


Looking contemplative.

Watching hubby.


On "the river of dreams."

Playing with a chickadee.


Looking out of the blinds.

Looking back at Cindy.

Across the street - an adult video store. Ugh!


Packing up.

On a swing, being pushed by Glenn in the river.

Spraying Glenn playfully with a waterhose.


Wanting to pack up the stuff.

Looking at his belongings. (Is that photo of him from South of Sunset?

Apparently he's won a lot of baseball trophies. Perhaps one of them is from the game where the Eagles whooped the asses of Rolling Stone's writers.


Walking arm and arm.

Riding bikes together.

Playing in the spray of the waterhose.


Still looking out the window.


Pushing Cindy on the swing again.

An idyllic river scene.


"I can see us standing by the river."


Solo Filmography :: River of Dreams