True Love (1988)
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"Plot" Summary : A pretty simple video, conceptually. It's shot entirely in black and white. We see two "cool" teenagers driving along the road, bored. They don't know where to go. They see a less-cool friend on the road flagging them down. They pull over and pick him up. He suggests a local bar. They go and who should be playing there but Glenn Frey (but non-rock-star Glenn Frey, not unlike the video for I Found Somebody).

The three kids walk in. The less popular one goes off to find a girl (without much luck). As for our popular couple, the guy leaves the girl behind to get some drinks... bad idea. Why? Because once she sees Glenn onstage, the little teenage boyfriend is forgotten, and she is caught up in Frey Fever for the rest of the video!

Intercut between footage of the people in the club dancing and the musicians and singers, we see Glenn belting out "True Love" - and he's singing it all to this one lucky girl. She comes closer and closer, entranced, while her loser boyfriend searches for the bottom of a bottle at the bar. Finally, towards the end of the song, Glenn actually reaches out and pulls her up on stage with him, reminiscent of Bruce Springsteen and Courtney Cox in "Dancin' in the Dark" except on a much smaller scale. Instead of dancing with her, though, he just puts his arm around her and sings straight to her. Nice.

The video ends with her driving her drunk boyfriend home, looking like her mind is somewhere else... and we can guess where.


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